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Learn what marketing tools specifically work in the Spa and Pool Industry to drive customers who stay, pay and refer, to your business.

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"Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business, & Have Potential Customers Come to YOUR Business (over your competitors) Using As Easy As 1,2,3 Step-By-Step Tactics"



"Learn How to Beat the Recession and Make
Spa and Pool Prospects Come to You"

From: Simon Cope
Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Spa and Pool Business Owner:


The recession is about to hit the spa and pool industry like a brick. It has been too good for too long, and the pendulum is about to swing in the opposite direction... If that wasn't bad enough, the amount of imported, "Made in China" knock-off products are flooding the market, creating a glut of product being sold off at "never to be repeated"(?) prices...

The number of Spa and pool resellers has dramatically increased across the country. Competitors are mushrooming up all around you - all selling exactly the same model(s) you do - many parallel imported; others are from importers who have appointed more retail outlets to supposedly increase their sales (and water yours' down).

But this can be your most profitable year ever! You don't have to be a victim of this recession, or of your 'new competitors' eroding your profit margins, or 'stealing your customers'. While others are complaining about the economy, or their competition, you will be devising and executing stealth spa and pool marketing strategies that are proven to work.

The secrets to winning during a slow economy are exactly the same secrets in how to win when you have a large number of competitors - it is in knowing how to ferret out your best prospects and compel them to buy from There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of prospects in your business area that have thought about purchasing a spa or pool at one time or another. You'll learn smart marketing techniques that will make your prospects stand up and ask you for information about "what" to buy, not "if" they should buy. 

That's why it makes sense for you to take a close look at my new 374 page manual, "Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business: How to Make Business Come to You." This manual is hot off the press and filled to the brim with cutting-edge spa and pool marketing strategies and tactics that will give you hundreds of recession-busting weapons, and techniques to make your business attract customers who pay, stay and refer!

Spa and pool owners are missing out on thousands of dollars in profits by not leveraging successful marketing strategies that are working like magic in other industries. You'll learn several highly effective lead generation and marketing techniques that your competition hasn't even thought about using, that will give you a significant competitive advantage.


"I Want to Express My Extreme Satisfaction"


I wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with your "Recession Proof Your Spa and Pool Business" marketing course. The manual is a no-nonsense, straight forward, powerful marketing tool. I have been in the spa and pool industry for over 30 years now and have tried just about every promotion imaginable.

The ideas and strategies that you share in your marketing course are very unique, particularly the lead generation system that you've developed. All you have to do is turn it on and it almost runs itself!

I highly recommend that pool and spa business owners look at this marketing system, even if their sales are doing well.

Chris Mason



"How the 'Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business' Marketing System Will Help Grow Your Business"


In this first-ever marketing system for the spa and pool industry you'll find hundreds of proven methods for building your business.  In addition, I've included several "must have" tools that will take the work out of implementing many strategies (I'll talk more about them in a moment).


In the Main Volume of the system you will discover how to...

  • Compel your customers to line up to do business with you. Discover multiple proven strategies that allow you to hunt down your best prospects and convince them that there is simply no other spa and pool company that can provide them with the value that you can.

  • Create magnetic advertisements that hypnotise your prospects. Use these cutting edge, recession-proof advertisement strategies that are guaranteed to improve your response rate by 200%-300%.

  • Make it rain referrals with very little effort. Don't wait on your spa and pool customers to hand you referrals, implement our stealth referral strategies and you may never have to advertise ever again.

  • How to get customers to hand over their money with zero selling. Learn how to implement a Spa and Pool Education-Based Marketing program that will put your customers in the "ready-to-buy" mood even before they walk through your doors.

  • Develop a website that sucks in prospects like crazy. Forget everything you've heard about building websites. I'll show you how to turn your website into a prospecting and follow-up machine that works while you sleep.

  • Discover how to make chemicals and accessories fly out of the door. Make you chemicals and accessories side business become your # 1 profit generating department by dominating your market.

  • Finally, a direct mail program that really works. Many spa and pool owners have used direct mail with mediocre results. It's time you ignite your direct mail efforts using modern technology and direct mail best practices.

  • Pull your prospects off the telephone and into your store. You pay a lot to make your phone ring. Learn how to make your prospects put down the phone and come straight to your store.

  • Find new customers that you never knew existed. Your customers are out there and they are ready to buy from you. Find out the secrets to locating and pulling them into your sales funnel.

"10 Times the Cost of Your Manual!"

I have some exciting news for you. This weekend I was doing a Home Show. There were four inground pool companies in the show. I had the smallest display of the four but got about the same number of leads or maybe more, due in part to the sign that you showed me how to create.

When people stop to look at pools I ask them to give me their name and email address and I will send them a copy of the free report. If they want, there is room to give me their physical address and phone number and ask for a free site evaluation. The same thing I normally do but I never asked for email nor have I ever had your special reports to give to them.

Friday night I emailed a few of your special reports out and this is the call to my cell phone that I got Saturday afternoon.

"Hi my name is John and I stopped by your booth last night and talked to you about swimming pools. I also spoke with your three competitors Friday night. Today I read your report and was very impressed with the information you sent out. Please call me to set up and appointment I would like to buy a pool from you."

I have confidence in my abilities to sell and relate to people, but truly what set me apart in this instance from my competition was your report.

With this sale I will certainly make over 10 times the cost of your sales manual and marketing help.


Keith Cowell




Here's what you'll find in, "101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business: How to Get Business to Come to You!"




  • Six methods of identifying and developing your unique selling proposition that will give you a sustainable advantage over your rival competitors. Believe it or not, this may be one of the most important concepts you learn in this whole course.

  • How to calculate spa and pool customer acquisition costs and their lifetime values to get a true understanding of how much you should be investing in your marketing efforts (Note: Without knowing these figures you will continue to run your business blindly.) 

  • Three sneaky tricks to spy on your competitors so that you know their every move, and the single most powerful thing you can do once you have your spa and pool competitor information. Every spa and pool retailer that wants to outsmart and outsell their local competition should implement this guerilla selling tactic.

  • Use customer research data to develop recession-busting, laser-tight marketing strategies. The hidden key to selling more spas and pools is in knowing your customer. You'll receive eight specific, concrete examples of how to develop a rock-solid marketing strategy using recent spa and pool customer study statistics.

  • Learn the most powerful lead generation marketing system in use today with step-by-step instructions on what it is and how to implement it in your own spa and pool business. It will literally quadruple or quintuple the amount of leads you receive today

Note: "This system of marketing will completely transform how you think, act, and execute your marketing program today - No one in the spa and pool industry is using this system ... yet. If these seven pages were offered as a special report by themselves they would be worth double the price of this manual."



"I Never Thought Finding New Customers Could Be This Easy!"


We implemented your lead generation system this week and have already sent out 16 special reports to leads generated using your educational ads! It really is amazing. I never thought finding new customers could be this easy. The whole system runs on autopilot. All I do is write out the leads and start sending them your special reports.


I've been so busy that I haven't even been able to follow up on the recent batch of leads. We just hired a new salesman to keep up with the new customers.


Your marketing course is worth 10 times what you sell it for. Oh, by the way, thanks for all your personal help you gave us getting the system up and running. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate the time you took handholding me to get everything right.


Paul Andrew

  • How to pry prospects out of their homes to visit your spa and pool business using a five-step stealth niche marketing program. Using niche marketing and the aforementioned lead generation marketing system, will give you such a wide advantage over your competitors that they will be scratching their heads in amazement.

  • Six steps to turning your company guarantee (a powerful hidden asset) into a competitive weapon that will set you apart from your competitors and distinguish you as THE spa and pool company with which to do business. Master the power of your guarantee and watch your closing percentage increase by a minimum of 20% - 30%.

  • How to radically improve your follow-up marketing processes using a few simple tools that will dramatically increase your closing ratio. Statistics say that two out of every three spa and pool customers will leave your store to shop your competitors. Having a systematic follow-up system is an absolute must.

Note: "I'll show you two specific tools that EVERY spa and pool retailer should have to successfully put your follow-up marketing system on autopilot and significantly increase your closing percentage."


  • Learn 20 unique and unconventional spa and pool promotional ideas that will ignite an avalanche of free publicity and set you apart as the leading spa and pool business in your marketplace. P.T. Barnum once said, "Without promotion something terrible happens - nothing!" 

  • How to never lose a sale based on price ever again. This section will give you three distinct strategies that you can employ today that will teach you how to avoid competing on price alone and how to deal with price shoppers. It actually gives you six specific telephone scripts that will immediately derail any conversation about price.

  • A little known (or used) technology tool that you can use to triple or quadruple your promotional campaigns. The best thing about this tool is once you set it up, it completely runs on autopilot, making you money while you're taking care of other business.

Note: "Virtually, no one is using this powerful tool in the spa and pool industry. I found it in use in the retail apparel industry producing staggering results."


  • Use this one secret tactic to make your store newsletter the first piece of mail your customers (and prospects) open when they receive their mail. (Note: I'll show you three "off-the-beaten-path" websites that you can use to implement this unique strategy.)

  • Forget everything you've learned about building websites and Internet marketing. I'll show you how to get a massive return on your Internet investment by making a few simple changes to your website. I use every single one of these tactics to successfully run my five personal website businesses.

  • Forget search engines (they don't work for local marketing), I'll show you a few simple promotional strategies that will drive thousands of visitors from your target neighborhoods exclusively to your website.

Note: You will also learn how to:

(1) Write website copy that will compel your visitor to move deeper into your website offering.  

(2) How to magically get your prospect's email address so you can market to them again and again, at no cost whatsoever. 

(3) Immediately improve your website profitability using our 10 point spa and pool web site checklist.


  • How to sell spas and pools like hotcakes at home shows. Discover five strategies you can use to significantly improve your booth attendance with qualified prospects and also improve your closing ratio at every show you attend.

  • Radio? Television? Newspapers? Direct Mail? Don't be confused. You'll learn how to choose your optimal marketing mix to get the biggest ROMD (return on your marketing dollar). 

  • How to affordably market to the masses using radio and local television. With regional and sky television it's possible to broadcast your advertisements to communities as small as your local town. The trick is knowing how to buy your airtime and produce your commercial affordably.

  • Always get the first phone call from your yellow page advertisement. Startling statistics on yellow page ads and how you can design a "killer ad" that will set your business apart that will force people to call your before your competitor. (This section alone will pay for the course within days of your next yellow page ad)

  • Learn the 14 most common spa and pool advertising mistakes that are costing your business a fortune. Stop wasting precious dollars on ineffective advertising. Learn step-by-step how to create killer ads that will have your phone ringing off the hook.

Note: "This section will revolutionise how spa and pool newspaper advertising is done - It is unique, powerful, and effective - As you read this letter, right now the automobile, financial, and chiropractic industries are making millions off of these amazing advertising strategies without showing a single car or person in the ad."


  • Compel you customers to action using our 50 ways to make a powerful offer your customers can't refuse. You'll learn how to make an offer so compelling that your customer will be forced to say yes...without dropping your price.

  • Warning: Don't send another direct mail piece without using our 17-point checklist. Learn how to make direct mail really work for your spa and pool business using our 17 point checklist for direct mail success.

"Tremendous Wealth of Great Ideas"

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the "101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business" package you sent me.

It's a tremendous wealth of great ideas on Marketing specifically for the pool and spa industry.

It's well worth the price!


Michael Logan, California


  • How to increase your direct mail response rate by 500% and bring a flood of people into your spa and pool business using this top secret telemarketing script. Know exactly what to say in your follow-up phone call to get your prospect off the phone and into your store.

  • Would you like to get seven times the response at one-fourth the cost with your direct mail efforts. Postcard marketing is the most overlooked moneymaking secret in the spa and pool industry. Add this special graphic to the "face side" of your postcards and watch your response rates (and profits) skyrocket!

Note: "We reveal six copyrighted winning postcard designs that will burn your marketing message into the minds of its recipients. Alone, these winning postcard designs would cost you thousands of dollars to develop - they are yours, free, as a part of this course."


  • Receive an endless supply of referrals by learning how to turn ordinary customers into raving fans. I'll expose eight spa and pool, customer service "moments-of-truth" that if handled correctly, will turn your customers into word-of-mouth advertising machines.

  • Make your business a raging success using these 70 ways to get your spa and pool company in the news...for free! Publicity is 10 times better than paid advertising because it's credible. Pick two, five, fifteen, twenty of these strategies and get a never ending stream of free publicity for your spa and pool business. 

Note: "I'll walk you through one spa and pool free publicity technique that your local newspaper, radio, and T.V. station will literally fight over. It's proven, it's easy to do, and you will get scads of free publicity for your spa and pool business."


  • Are you making the "big telephone mistake?" Most spa and pool retailers are and don't even know it...and it's costing them a lot of money. Discover how to turn every phone call you get into a potential prospect (and never make the big telephone mistake again).

  • How to make it rain referrals in your spa and pool business. Word-of-mouth isn't enough. Successful spa and pool retailers need to have a "systematic" referral program that continues to bring in a continual stream of referrals. 

Note: "You'll learn one proven referral technique that you can start implementing tomorrow that may eliminate your need to advertise ever again. The top professional service business owners use this networking strategy with so much success that it's all the marketing they do...period."


  • Having trouble upselling more accessories? Use my eight-step accessory marketing plan to sell more accessories than you ever have before. 

  • Would you like to make your chemicals literally fly off your shelf? You will learn nine strategies to jumpstart your chemical sales and I'll also expose you to two additional strategies that few spa and pool merchants are using today. I've saved the best for last though. I'll share with you a sneaky technique that will allow you to dominate your chemical sales market. 

Warning: "If your competitors learn this technique before you, they will have the upper hand. Only one spa and pool business can effectively use this strategy in a local market. You must be the first to implement this strategy in your city before any of your competitors finds out what you're doing."


  • Are you flying blind? Learn how to measure your marketing efforts by the numbers by knowing what metrics to track and how to track them. If you aren't already doing this, I guarantee you are wasting a lot of marketing dollars right now.

"I Never Really Knew How to Track My Advertising Costs"

I want to thank you for spending the necessary time to help me get my lead generation system off the ground. Your report made a lot of sense as it relates to spending ones advertising dollar toward the right audience.

I never really knew how to track my cost of advertising until now. Thanks for all your help. I will recommend your program to other business associates of mine.

Liam Brown, Auckland





"How I Priced this System and Why You Can't Afford Not to Purchase It" 


As I considered about how to price the "101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business" system, I wanted to ensure that I met two important criteria:


FIRST CRITERIA: The value that spa and pool owners will receive from this system should result in a 10:1 return on investment. This means that if you implement, even a few, of the marketing strategies included in the course you will receive, at a bare minimum, 10 times the amount of gross margin that you invested in the cost of the system.


SECOND CRITERIA: Your hard-dollar breakeven point on your investment in this system will be equal to the acquisition cost of just three extra customers. By this I mean, that if you acquire just THREE extra customers from using this system, it will have paid for itself.


To calculate your customer acquisition cost, divide the number of spas or pools that you sold last year by your annual sales and marketing costs. If you're a typical spa retailer your customer acquisition cost should be around $300.


Let me tell you first off, it's simply impossible to not attract more than three customers with this system. In fact, it's impossible NOT to achieve a 10:1 return on your investment. It's probable that you'll earn a 10:1 return on your money in less than a month as a result of implementing just one of the lead generation systems you'll be taught in the course. 


To be more realistic, you can probably expect to triple or quadruple the leads you are currently receiving today. From my experience, that is a VERY conservative estimate.



"Fascinating, Informative, and Useful"

Thank you for your incredible report about how to get more customers who buy from me. I found your lead generation strategy that you revealed in your report to be fascinating, informative, and very useful.

To my knowledge, NO ONE is doing this in the Spa and Pool industry! You are very generous, kind and friendly. I am honoured and very blessed by knowing you."

Christina Austin, Auckland  



"You're About to Discover 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in the '101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business' Course"


It's amazing. Never has such a powerful marketing package been assembled to help spa and pool business owners reach their financial goals. It's taken over five months, working twelve hours a day to put together this spa and pool marketing arsenal. 


The strategies and techniques in this course are the most forward-thinking, aggressive, bottom-line business building concepts available anywhere in the spa and pool industry. 


I've put together two offers for you, the Basic Package which includes the course, and a free consultation. But for just a nominal additional investment you can receive the Gold Package, which is an incredible value. The Gold Package includes everything you'll receive in the Basic Package plus five important bonuses.


But I'm getting ahead of myself...


Instead of telling you about each of them you can continue reading to find out for yourself.




(See My Risk Free "365-day Money-Back Guarantee" Below) 



"The 101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business Manual is the Only Marketing Manual Written Exclusively for Spa and Pool Businesses."





Learning Tool # 1 - '101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business: How to Get Business to Come to You!' - Manual - Value $997


Over 375 pages containing hundreds of recession-busting marketing strategies that will make you money. You won't find a more comprehensive marketing manual for your spa and pool business. This manual is a MUST HAVE for every spa and pool retailer that is serious about being successful.





"You Will Learn More In a Half Hour Conversation with Me About How to Market Your Spa and Pool Business Than You Have In The Entire Past Year...Guaranteed."



Learning Tool # 2 - Half Hour Personal Telephone Consultation - Value $125


Receive a personal consultation with Simon Cope to help you jumpstart your '101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof marketing program'. You will be receiving a lot of information which Simon will personally help you to piece together and prioritise in order to assemble your new marketing plan 


You'll be shown which strategies to implement immediately and exactly how to do it. We'll discuss which tactics are working for you today and how you can improve them. (Note: Even though I try to keep the conversation to a 1/2 hour, it usually goes longer. I'm interested in you receiving the full benefit of this system.)




You can significantly enhance the value of your investment by purchasing the GOLD package. Not only does it contain an additional indepth step-by step "Spa and Pool Lead Generation System manual", but it also offers FOUR additional valuable Learning Tools.



Gold Package - $797

(See My Risk Free "365-day Money-Back Guarantee" Below) 




"The Heart of the '101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof You Spa and Pool System' is the Lead Generation System.  This Package Will Take You By the Hand and Give You the Tools to Create a Constant Stream of Hot, Qualified Prospects."



Learning Tool # 3 - Spa and Pool Lead Generation System - Value $1287


The Spa and Pool Lead Generation System is the heart of the "101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business" system. There's not enough room to tell you what's in the lead generation system so  click here to discover the powerful tools inside the lead generation system. 





"Not Only Do I Tell You How to Do It...I Do It For You!  You'll Be Able to Immediately Use This Collection of Uniquely Effective Ads and Press Releases to Generate Business Fast and Easily."


Learning Tool  # 4 - Killer Advertisements and Press Releases (8 Ads + 2 Press Releases) - Value $749


Normally, you would have to pay a copywriter thousands of dollars to develop a winning ad for your spa and pool business. You will receive not one, but eight cutting-edge ads that are guaranteed to make your phone ring off the hook. 


In fact, these ads are an integral part of your niche marketing system. Each of these ads are used in "Phase 1" of the niche lead generation system that you will learn about.  


I also included two sample press releases. One of the press releases is used in the free publicity strategy that I reveal in the course that is guaranteed to get you a bucketload of press.




"Stop Making Stupid Advert Mistakes Immediately.  I've Included My Own Personal Checklist That I've Honed Over Many Years That You Can Use to Critique Your Own Ads."



Learning Tool # 5 - Advertisement Analyser - Value $65


Save thousands of dollars in wasted advertisement costs by bullet proofing your ads. Now there will be no excuse whatsoever not to put out a winning ad that gets results.


The advertisement analyser includes a 19-point checklist that forces you to consider each and every element of a winning ad. The analyser was developed over  years of trial and error (and thousands of advert dollars). It's the very same checklist I use when performing advertisement critiques for my consulting clients.





"Use This Tried, Proven, and Tested 5-Day Email AutoResponder Course to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Magnet.  All the Work Has Already Been Done For You."


Learning Tool # 6 - Five-Part Email Autoresponder Consumer Awareness Course "How to Purchase a Spa" - Value $225


Following up with your prospects just got easier. So easy that you can now do it in your sleep with this 5-Day Email Autoresponder Course. If you don't know what an autoresponder is don't worry; I teach you all about them and how to get one in my course.


I've gone one step farther by giving you a complete, ready-to-go email follow-up system that you can just plug into your website. This 5-Day mail course is the hidden key to online prospecting!(And if you only sell swimming pools you can easily adapt the wording to suit!) 




"Find Out How To Save Thousands Of Dollars On Your Media Buys Using This Little-Known Secret For Buying Radio and Television Air Time.  If You Advertise On the Radio or T.V. You MUST Read This Special Report...Period."


Learning Tool # 7 - "How to Buy Advertising Media For a Fraction of What Others Pay" Special Report - Value $75


In this Special Report Brad Antin, one of the USA's most sought after direct marketing consultants, and a former owner of a chain of retail electronic stores, reveals his media buying secrets for co-op advertising and radio / television airtime.


You will get so excited reading this free report that you'll want to run out start buying media. No kidding, Brad reveals a little known strategy for buying airtime that will shock you! He'll also disclose how you can squeeze every cent out of your co-op funds and then some.


And before you say, what can he teach me when I live outside the USA - everything he reveals to you is 100% applicable to the New Zealand and Australian market.


Every spa and pool retailer needs to have this special report in the hands. It's that important.



As you can see, this is a lot of powerful information that is focused solely on teaching you, the spa and pool professional, how to significantly improve your business performance. Using these strategies, you won't even know that there is a recession. Business will come to you!


"Let's See What Simon Has to Say..."


When I emailed yesterday I should have taken the time to tell you how much we appreciated your Special Report "Yellow Page Secrets Exposed."  Just a couple of weeks ago we received notification for renewal of yellow page advertising.


Our Advertising and Marketing Manager, Sarah, came to me and asked what I thought about re-running our previous ad. My comment was, "Let's see what Simon has to say". Of course there was an entire section on yellow pages ads, how to approach it and why.


Normally, I would have just looked at the old ad, asked what everybody thought, maybe would have made a few minor changes and then made the same mistake I've always made.  Not any more!  And this is just one example of many. We're going to redo our Website, start a new referral program, exhibit at our first Home Show...we've got a lifetime of work to do - and can now do it right!




Fred Butler, Auckland



"100%, No Questions Asked, $7,970 Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee"


Now it's time for me to put my money where my mouth is by extending to you my $7,970 Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee. As I mentioned before, I priced this product based on a 10:1 return on investment guarantee, which equates to $7,970. 


I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques in this course, you'll produce at least $7,970 profit in the next 12 months. That's right, $7,970 extra profit you never would have seen without this course. If you don't, I'll refund the entire cost of the course to you.  


Actually, you get double protection. Here's how. At any time during the 12 months, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it's on the last day of the twelfth month!


What could be more fair? 


You can "test drive" every breakthrough strategy and technique for 12 full months. You'll be able to conclusively determine whether this powerful course will work for you. If it doesn't bring you serious profits, I want you to ask for, and get, your money back! And, I'll let you keep the free bonuses as my way of thanking you for giving this course a try.


Think about it. If you're not completely satisfied you'll get to keep over $1,239 in free gifts, yours to keep regardless!


The truth is, you'll never have to worry about a refund. Because once you use these ingenious, proven techniques and see the huge jump in your profits, I'm betting someone would have to wrestle you to the ground to get you to let go of this course.


"Found You to Be Very Knowledgeable"



I just wanted to thank you for answering the questions I had about your marketing program.  I found you to be very knowledgeable concerning marketing and you gave me some ideas that I'm going to try. 


Thank you for taking time to talk with me on the phone.  Although I've been in the pool industry for five years, my new company is one year old.  I did well last year but I need to double my business this year.  With the information contained in your program I feel that I will be able to reach my goals.


Libby Stone , Auckland


"Let's Recap What You'll Get in Your '101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business Package"


Description Purchased Separately Basic Package Gold Package

1. 101 Spa & Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business: How to Get Business to Come to You! - Manual




2. Half-Hour Personal Telephone Consultation




3. Spa and Pool Lead Generation System $1287 NOT Included Included

4. Killer Advertisements and Press Releases 


NOT Included


5. Advertisement Analyser


NOT Included


6. Five-Part Email Autoresponder Consumer Awareness Course "How to Purchase a Spa"


NOT Included


7. "How to Buy Advertising Media For a Fraction of What Others Pay" Special Report


NOT Included


8. One Year Money-Back Guarantee




Total Value




Your Investment if You Order Today



NOTE: All prices are INCLUSIVE of GST.



You'll receive over $3,500 worth of MUST HAVE marketing advice for only $797. My normal consulting fee is $250 per hour. In this course you'll obtain more than 15 hours of my time. (As I've already mentioned, it's taken more than five months, 12 hours a day to produce all the information for this course.)


If your sales are trickling in and you want to dramatically boost your marketing efforts and shield yourself from any future recession, and keep your competitors on their back foot, order your Gold Package today. You need to take immediate action now before the limited time offer is rescinded.


There are three easy ways to order:


1. The fastest way to order is directly online:


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3. Call (+64 21) 968-103 (between 8am and 5.30pm NZST, Mon-Fri)



If you are not sure and would like to talk to me personally you can reach me in my office on most days. My number is (21) 968-103


If you want to recession-proof your business and start making your phone ring off the hook, order "101 Spa and Pool Marketing Secrets: Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business" today. It really will "make business come to you."


"You Can't Afford Not to Purchase this System"


If you don't make at least $7,970 in profits within the next year using just a few of the techniques I teach in this course you can have 100% of your money back. If I haven't lived up to my promise, I'm the loser, not you. You have nothing to lose and a lot of money to make.


Just think, if you can get only one extra customer as a result of this system you will have made your money back. Let me tell you, after only two minutes on the phone with you I can tell you, not only how to get one, but many customers within the next month, using a special technique that almost no one is using in the spa and pool industry. This specific technique can be implemented within just a few days.


How do I know it will work? Because it works like a charm in EVERY single industry in which I have ever implemented it! It is by far the most powerful lead generation system in use in any industry today. And I can almost bet that you're NOT using it right now.


Why isn't the spa and pool industry using it? Honestly, I don't know why. But I can tell you it will work like gangbusters for you. This lead generation technique is perfectly suited for the spa and pool industry because of its high retail transaction value.


Plus, it's easy to put into action. Within a couple of days you can have it up and running. Don't you need more customers right now? If you're like other spa and pool retailers, your sales have probably slowed down immensely. This system is the answer to your traffic problems.


Again, order now before the limited Market Test Offer is rescinded.


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